Small Business Strategies: Slow Summer Can be Opportunity –

I just had to share this article for all you new small business owners coming up on your first summer…

Small Business Strategies: Slow summer can be opportunity –


It’s a Happy Easter for OfficeHelp!

It’s a Happy Easter for OfficeHelp and it can be for you too! Just passing on a great and informative article I found…

Why Smart Entrepreneurs Skip the April Tax Deadline:

Sole proprietors, whether LLCs or not, can benefit by filing their tax returns later in the year.

Color Easter eggs with your children rather than collect tax papers? Prepare the soup for the Passover Seder instead of looking for business expense receipts?
Happy Easter from OfficeHelp!

Happy Easter from OfficeHelp!

Write that “Dear John” e-mail to your soon-to-be-ex boyfriend and send your sister to pick up all your tax records from his house after things cool down?

Will any of these reasons for filing your tax return after the April 15 deadline win approval from the IRS? That’s really a question from out of the past, because if you’re a sole proprietor–even one with employees–you no longer need a reason to send your 2005 tax return to the government as late as October 15, 2006.

To get the OK on the October deadline, simply file IRS Form 4868 by April 17. (Because April 15 falls on a weekend this year, the IRS has extended the deadline by two days.) …

For more information read Why Smart Entrepreneurs Skip the April Tax Deadline | written by June Walker, a financial and tax consultant and the author of Self-Employed Tax Solutions.

It’s 2012 and OfficeHelp is taking stock!

It’s 2012 and OfficeHelp is taking stock of the business. Closing up books in preparation for tax season and setting new goals for this new year.

As I do this, I can’t help but reflect on how many have decided to go their own ways in these economic times. So many people, out of work, have decided to create their own opportunities.

Make the computer your best friend!

Make the computer your best friend!

Admirable, encouraging, and inspirational I think. I also notice, however, that many are trying to do so without doing the necessary research. Make sure you understand how your business should work and what is needed for it to work legitimately.

My favorite tip: Your #1 ally in creating and maintaining a business presence is the internet. Make it your best friend.

Research the various aspects of your chosen field. Study your competitors. Review the Small Business Association’s website at Join SCORE and take the free opportunities available there, especially the one-on-ones with experienced SCORE counselors. (There are thousands available – for every subject you need!)

Get involved with Facebook, Twitter and other social media communities. Join Meetup to find like-minded business owners and networking events to participate in. Read the blogs of other small business owners to see what issues they are facing so you can be proactive.

Owning a successful small business is a 24/7/365 job. Make sure it’s going to be one you love!

Check out this article by columnist Dave Archer. It’s short and sweet yet still hits the high notes…

Archer: New Years resolutions for small businesses | Reno Gazette-Journal |