It’s 2012 and OfficeHelp is taking stock!

It’s 2012 and OfficeHelp is taking stock of the business. Closing up books in preparation for tax season and setting new goals for this new year.

As I do this, I can’t help but reflect on how many have decided to go their own ways in these economic times. So many people, out of work, have decided to create their own opportunities.

Make the computer your best friend!

Make the computer your best friend!

Admirable, encouraging, and inspirational I think. I also notice, however, that many are trying to do so without doing the necessary research. Make sure you understand how your business should work and what is needed for it to work legitimately.

My favorite tip: Your #1 ally in creating and maintaining a business presence is the internet. Make it your best friend.

Research the various aspects of your chosen field. Study your competitors. Review the Small Business Association’s website at Join SCORE and take the free opportunities available there, especially the one-on-ones with experienced SCORE counselors. (There are thousands available – for every subject you need!)

Get involved with Facebook, Twitter and other social media communities. Join Meetup to find like-minded business owners and networking events to participate in. Read the blogs of other small business owners to see what issues they are facing so you can be proactive.

Owning a successful small business is a 24/7/365 job. Make sure it’s going to be one you love!

Check out this article by columnist Dave Archer. It’s short and sweet yet still hits the high notes…

Archer: New Years resolutions for small businesses | Reno Gazette-Journal |


What Is Your Office Doing For Support During The Holidays?

What is your office doing for support during the holidays? This is a time when so many take long wintry vacations to celebrate with their families. Think about utilizing a Virtual Assistant who can keep your office going. You’ll get all the benefits of having a great assistant to help you without the additional overhead of an employee or even the fees associated with temp agencies.

Full Inbox

Does Your Inbox Look Like This?

The holiday season is a critical time for vendors. Make sure your customers get the time and answers they need by providing live customer service during the holidays. It will cut down on all those frustrated hang ups and raise the number of orders you receive. Even in this digital age, customers want to talk to a person when they have questions or concerns. Live customer service can make all the difference in your business.

Are you a new internet e-tailer? Get up and running in time for those holiday sales with some help setting up your website or uploading product. There is still time to get your site positioned to take advantage of the holiday opportunities.

For you harried entrepreneurs. Look to a virtual assistant to help arrange and maintain your holiday schedule and even plan your events. Free yourselves from the details so you can properly run your business.

Batman & Virtual Assistant

Batman and OfficeHelp

These are just a few of the many different ways a virtual assistant can help make your life infinitely easier. As our economy changes, the number of entrepreneurs creating their own business opportunities grows. Take advantage of the services offered by a good Virtual Assistant and watch your business and theirs expand.

Looking for a good Virtual Assistant? Along with OfficeHelp, there are thousands of VAs out here waiting for you. Check out any VA job board. Some examples are,, and

Our job is to make yours easier!

Virtual Assistant? At Your Service!

Network, network, network! I’m finding that the best place to get administrative work is through business referrals and local networking groups.This applies to any customer based company but most especially to the general office, clerical and accounting functions.

As a Virtual Assistant, or any similar service, your new customer will want a recommendation of your skills. If you have a common association, your potential customer will more likely trust their recommendation. Canvas your (ex)co-workers and acquaintances. Make sure they are aware of your qualifications as you never know to whom they may be speaking. It is they who will give the referrals you need to help get your business started.

Spend time with a few key like-minded networking groups in your area. If you don’t know of any, a great place to start is In addition to their social aspect, has a thriving community of small business groups that address many aspects of entrepreneurship. Be sure to choose a group that will help you focus and push you to grow. My favorite is a monthly group called Slick Chicks, ETC. If you’re in the Corona, CA area, look us up!

Most important is your family and core group of friends! Getting any fledgling business off the ground can be daunting. There will be times when the process is frustrating (to say the least) for various reasons. It is this core group who will pick you up, dust you off, and point you back in the right direction!